French Presses and Aeropress

The french press is a mechanical device for brewing coffee. The ground beans steep in hot water inside the french press. Once sufficient time has elapsed, the plunger is depressed, and the fine mesh catches the floating beans on the way down and traps them at the bottom of the unit. The presented drink is free from large particles of sediment, though it may contain smaller particles that passed through the mesh. This method leaves all of the crema in the final cup.

The most popular french presses are offered by Frieling (stainless steel) and Bodum (glass with plastic components).



An alternative to the french press, which operates exactly like the french press but produces more of a drip-brewed effect, and is considered by many to combine the best effects of both the french press and the drip brew machine, is the Aeropress.


Have you ever tried coffee brewed in a french press? What did you think?

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