Stovetop Espresso

In many Italian country homes, you will not find $1,000 automated espresso brewing machines. You will find simple, $30 “moka pots,” or mechanical stovetop espresso brewing machines.

Moka pots contain a bottom reservoir, a central column, and a top reservoir. To use, water is added to the bottom reservoir and finely ground coffee is added to the central column. The top is left empty. The unit is placed to boil (either placed on the stovetop or plugged in, if using an electrical reproduction of the moka pot). When the water boils, the steam percolates up, forcing its way through the column of grounds and collecting in the top reservoir. Once it condenses, it is poured off into a beautiful shot of espresso.

Do you prefer espresso pulled from an automated machine or brewed in a moka pot?

2 Responses to Stovetop Espresso

  1. jbillows says:

    Moka pots produce a much better espresso than I would have expected.

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